Washing Dishes Conversations

Mum:   G, can you wash the dishes for me today?

Dad:    Of course! I’m so ashamed that you had to ask me! I feel so bad! Of course I’ll do it. Just move
            from there and go sit down. Just go and relax.

The nice part was that although he was exaggerating his response, he meant it and he did it.

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  1. It’s so beautifull to hear 🙂

    Marriage is a partnership and it ‘should’ go without saying that a man doesn’t mind doing any housework, but for some reason a lot of men have no idea what being a man is truly about.

    Your mom married a gem 🙂

  2. Lol, see that’s the attitude guys should have!

    Mazozo, don’t forget about amiung the bed – my dad always forgets that one.
    Safiyyamk, my mum will go mad if I leave the dishes overnight ! I’m so glad we have a dishwasher now, throwing up and washing dishes are my two hated things in the world.

    Taqdeer: That she did, and thankyou.

  3. :)he does the dishes.. good stuff.

    I did it on Sunday.. took me ages. But amazingly, it served as a great destress. Seriously it did….Doesn’t mean i want to do it again though. Just that mummy is very busy at the moment.. between her designing (clothes) and my bros wedding preps.

    Sometimes it takes one to be put into the position to actually appreciate it. Wow, I find myself in awe of women who wash dishes.. and the rest of the stuff they pull off. They make it seem do effortless.. they do it so gracefully.

    I guess I’m spoilt (she buters my toast)… But i do wash and iron my own clothes (that’s because I don’t trust anyone else doing it).

  4. Awww that was sweet! N mukhtar’s right. It IS a good stress reliever. I actually dnt mind washing th dishes. I plug into my ipod n sing my heart out,content that i cant hear my own off key voice! I hav 2 sisters so we take turns washing, makes th load easier..

  5. Your dad rocks lol
    hmmm so wanna find a good man like that lol
    Hey i don’t mind washing the dishes but the one thing i definitely hate is drying and putting them away argh…give me washing up any day you do the rest after 🙂

  6. Zahira: dishes, when left on the rack long enough (i.e. a few hours), soon become dry 🙂

    Its a great time-saver – or just good for those of us who are lazy about drying dishes 😉

  7. thats just so sweet…
    my dad almost never says stuff like that..
    hard to believe our dads are brothers!
    from Lazia

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