Today’s Thoughts

I smell like baby puke

Roses are beautiful

I should get more sleep

Betty is pretty

Children make too much mess

I should have gone jogging

My legs look nicer

But they’re still thin

I like getting letters

Health rice tastes nice

Planning trips are expensive

I smell like baby puke

I love my green sandals

I love my hair

My flowers need watering

I love Vanessa William’s dressing in Ugly Betty

I should go to the dentist

It would be wierd if I was taller than my father

Kids mess alot

I hate people reading over my shoulder what I’m typing

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  1. i hear you on that kids bit. why do you smell like puke? and letters – you should sign up on my post about letters. i was looking to start a penpal club. so far we got chicks only. and waseem.

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