This Love Thing

Explain it to me somebody.
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  1. welcome to the struggle, dew … if you ever do work it out let me know. the one I can say is that its complex and multi-dimensional and the worlds greatest philosophers have pondered it and volumes and volumes of books have been written and billions have been spent over it, and in the end… i guess you just have to feel it and learn how to keep it, otherwise you spend your life trying to get it again.



  2. Whats loveeee got to do with it got to do with it 😀

    What is there to know? *sigh* By the time you realise youre in love.. its too late 😀
    Long distance relationships are a bloody pain in the ass *pouts* Shoulda gone with the Gretna Green idea.. ahh well.

  3. Methinks… Saaleha has it nailed, i mean hell if youre thinking about such deeppppp things like that at 2am then blimey you got it badddddddddd!

    “You got it you got it bad
    when youre on the phone
    hang up and you call right back..” 😀 I have such dodgy taste in music! I love it.

    You know what… i dont think you can always explain why you love someone- you love someone just cos you love them! There are certain qualities which you know attract you to that person but love itself is something else..all that cliched crap that you piss yourself laughing at in your youthful naivety kinda all comes back to bite you in the bum.

  4. haha. See. The ones who try to explain it are the ones who know nothing of it.

    You cannot explain what love is, but love can expalin to you what life is about.

  5. Dewy- you know whats quite funny? Love really does make you laugh and smile and giggle and all those happy dappy things uncontrollably BUT it can also make you feel other things in uncontrollable measures too lol. Like, when youve had a misunderstanding and you know that the only person who has upset you is the one that can make it all better. The upset isnt intentional but its part of life isnt it? Or when the one you love is hurt and you feel that pain. It sounds so cliched and so corny but its really true. Theres an element of truth in what anon is saying; you cant always explain even to yourself what this “love” thing is. All you know is that it exists, its huge and its engulfed you in every way that it is possible. It is a contradiction aswell 🙂 Its a state of wanting it all.

    Talk about rambling on..

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