The Walking Tweets

Thank you to @Ganeshdhamodkar for collecting all my tweets on walking into one piece.

Mostly, you have to forgive yourself. Whoever you are. Wherever you are. The world is waiting for you to start walking. 

Take walks in streets and on fields, in rivers and on farms, over mountains and inside cities, across deserts & through villages.  Just walk. 

Especially walk through the night. Walk when you want to sleep. Walk in the darkness. Walk until you’re so weary you fall to your knees. 

Until you are nothing. Walk until you become dust. Until you are what you are walking on. Until walking feels like standing still. 

Walk to be still. 

Walk in the rain. In a city. Without an umbrella. Walk until your shoes start bleeding their colour. 

Walk until you taste your forgiveness. 

Walk along the sea. At sunrise. At sunset. Don’t count the miles. Feel the print you leave in the sand. Don’t ever look back. 

Don’t walk to forget. Walk to forgive.

Or all collected here by him.

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