Resetting Bones

I reset my bones.
Rearrange their order,
chess pieces in a cruel game.
Realign my jaws
so that my smile
breaks apart,
cracks open my cheekbones
like chicken bones
on Sunday.
A hideous grimace,
transition takes hold.
I readjust my spine,
the vertebrae running
another metal track.
A grinding shift between my teeth,
as each molar, incisor and canine
slide into new positions.
The poor tongue a mess,
(too late to save).
A dull scrape in the skull
as my thoughts reposition,
the matter pounding as it heaves
like machinery in a factory.
My eyes revolve in their sockets and return
with new irises, new corneas,
new reflections.
Shoulder blades slip into skin
and slip out as steel wings.
My ribs shudder,
the jerk in my skeleton
like a hook down my back.
Resetting my bones,
rearranging me.

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