Publishers Weekly calls The Djinn Waits a Hundred Years ‘poignant US debut’

So I haven’t published a novel before in the US and I’m still learning the ways things are done in the industry. My US editor and agent have been both helpful and kind in explaining things to me. Apparently after you get the book deal (another post I have to do one day), and just before the novel releases in the US you have some of the trade publications (some of the biggest are Publishers Weekly and Kirkus) releasing early reviews. I’m pleased to see the first trade review of DJINN is positive!

From the review:

‘South African novelist Khan blends gothic tropes with Indian mythology in her poignant U.S. debut… Khan portrays the house’s point of view, showing in playful and evocative prose how it responds to new residents (“As the new smells climb excitedly into the eaves… older smells, annoyed, move higher up away”). This holds its own in a crowded field of neo-gothic fiction.’

Read the full review on their site here.


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