Articles: HuffPost South Africa, The Times, Marie Claire,

Personal Essays:  The New York Times Modern LoveO the Oprah magazine, The Sunday Times, The Daily Vox, The Big Issue, The Mail & Guardian Thoughtleader column.

Creative Publications:

Onion Tears (2011), Flash the Short story magazine (2012), Sunday Times Short Story (2015), Cappalens Forslag Dictionary (2016), Vietnamese literary journal, Ajar (2016), South African literary journal, New Contrast (2017, 2018), Saraba Magazine (2018), McSweeney's Quarterly Concern (2019)


Instant Exposure (2018), Hair (2019), Our Ghosts Were Once People (2021)


Some examples of her work can be found below:

Sunday Times

O, the Oprah magazine

The Times

The Daily Vox

The Huffington Post