Paper Flowers Excerpt 2

We human beings are dying to forgive.

We want so badly to let it go. 

At the end of everything, we know it will make us great. Great in the way where we know we could take the bitter path, the path of self-pity and vengeance but instead we choose a path of forgiveness; a righteous one that the noble tread. We are dying to be able to do this. But we can’t, because we see ourselves as justice-seekers, as wounded beings and someone must also endure the pain we endured, someone too, must feel the tight grip around their necks. 

We see forgiveness right within our reach but close our hands into tight fists.

We are dying to forget but our memories taunt us, our egos hold us ransom.

But sometimes… we do. Sometimes we forgive and walk away. 

We struggle to make the decision. But then, we decide and in that moment of letting go, of forgiving, or choosing to forget, we become God-like. It is a moment of ecstasy.  We reveal in ourselves the potential for true power. 

God manifests in us.

We feel inside us, the shape of the hand that shaped us.

There are only a few moments in life that we feel this way but when it happens, it fills us with such a light that our faces glow like stars in the heavens.

And when we are old, old as creaking doors, we look back at that moment, with no regret, only peace, peace, peace.

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