Living in Your Words

There is something about writing, writing a lot actually.

It tends to take over your life. You no longer just experience things, you start imagining how to capture them in the confines of a sentence, a word.

A letter.

You’re not yourself anymore. You’re her, him, them.

You start doing arb things like dreaming scenes. Remembering a sentence like ‘a golden swimming statue gulping a mouth full of a dust’ in the middle of the night desperately trying to keep it and scibbling it anywhere you find.

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  1. mdc just couldnt handle the heat. and as they, say i know i’ll win, because it aint bragging if you can back it up. and you have a militia.

  2. roberta “the rattlesnake” mugabe: It IS bragging if you can back it up.It’s lying if you can’t 😉

    Kimyashafinaaz: Aw. I used to have a pencil mural by my bed and a saying oin silver glitter next to my door. Said aunty was horrified. The walls were never the same after the blue paint war of 06′

  3. You’re a right little rebel. I got pissed off with parental insistence that i get a haircut at uni, so I had it shaved. Silly of me to express my individuality in winter. Black beanies from Cape Union Mart became that season’s must have accessory.

  4. i have a cheeky aunty but she revels in all things “wrong” – like taking great interest in my love life (or lack thereof) and insisting i “show a little skin”. lol she’s coming next weekend – i can’t wait! I know how you feel about the writing all the time.. My saved msgs all have random phrases that i could possibly use later.. 🙂

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