Rasulullah (PBUH) said, ‘An announcer will call out on the day of Judgement. “Where are the wise ones?'”People will enquire. “Who are the wise ones?” the reply will be, “They are those who always remembered Allah, whether sitting, standing, reclining, and pondered over the creation of the Heaven and the Earth, and would say ‘O Allah! Thous hast not created all this in vain. We glorify Thee; save us from the fire of Hell.” Thereafter a flag will appear for them, and they will follow this flag and will be told to enter Paradise and stay forever.’

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  1. wen i first arrivd in egypt,almost every sentence of my companions’ speech were laced with alhamdulillah,subhanallah,mashallah,astaghfirullah n mor.b4 i knew it,the words flowed freely from me naturally regardless of the topic.subhanallah!i found this so upliftin n emotionally movin,n feel a stronger bond with my rabb bcos of it.

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