You can love me and hate me at the same time, he said. I understand that, he said. I understand it all, I know it all. There’s no need for explanations, I know everything.

I understand, he said Ghandi-like. Understanding. Understandable.

Nothing is right. Everything is wrong. I feel like I am always running. And I can’t keep up. I just can’t keep up.
I understand, he said. Stop running, he said.

Ghandi-like. Understanding. Understandable.

Not understanding anything that’s me.

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  1. Your words are beautiful.
    And they are leaping over mountains on their own journey, regardless of whether they are understood fully or not.
    Words, thoughts, feelings, insights; they are all like that. Showing up and moving on, leaving us to follow them, in search for meaning and wholeness.

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