Album of Emotion

Pasting pieces of history
is dangerous
when the glue becomes too sticky,

and even with tacky fingers
nobody really learns

Posted in Poetry.


  1. this is quite an interesting image. I think it is quite a challenge using very few words to convey a message, but if done well (like this one), it serves as a catalyst for thought and introspection on the part of the reader, rather than a tedious exercise.

    I just thought you’d like to know that your previous verse (cottonwool tongue) has wormed its way into my head, and i’ve been humming it to a tune as if it was a familiar song.

  2. Well thankyou pa rasputin.

    It’s interesting to know how people would read that. I had a an idea I was trying to convey that might be read completely different to another person.

    aw. thats a nice thing to hear. Maybe I should get into lyric writing. What tune were you humming it to?

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