A Moment (from the night at the airport)

Once JC and I left the airport and we didn’t realise there were not metros after 11 and we had to go back to the hotel after dropping Z and we both were worried. And we walked up and down the airport trying to figure it out and I thanked God that he had come with me to leave her and I don’t know what I would have done if I had to try to go back home by myself and finally we found a bus and a man in the queue told us which bus to take and where to get off and the bus driver he didn’t know what we were saying and we both sat in the bus and there were people sleeping and the lights in the bus stayed switched on and I though it was strange how lit up we were inside for everyone to see and later the man he nodded to us and told us where to jump off and we came out in People’s Square and we walked for half an hour home through East Nanjing and when we reached home we were safe and I tell you even now, even now I am still exhausted from all that fighting to feel safe.
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