A Moment (from the car in the driveway)

I was sitting in the car when I heard what I already knew. I had just parked in the driveway outside my front door and I looked at my phone and K was next to me and I looked at the screen and I saw what I already knew but still, something happened when I saw it, and I don’t remember what happened next except that it felt like the pin holding me together had fallen out and I collapsed against the steering wheel and I was sobbing and K, she tried to put her arm around me and she said it would be okay while she patted my back.

And there was nothing left to think and nothing left to say.

Only shaking shoulders on the steering wheel.

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  1. 🙁 this is so profound.

    hi shubnum – you knew me as julia mukuddem. i took my maiden name back. my husband left me out of the blue last year. the best husband, my soul mate, my best friend. so what you described here touched me so much now. you describe it so well – "it felt like the pin that held me together fell out."

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