A moment (from 1998)

Most days in the morning Harish would come and give me a handful of sweets. Sparkles, yellow chappies and if I was lucky green watermelon flavoured chappies. I don’t know why he did it. No I lie, I do.

I can still remember the taste of plastic watermelon in my mouth in the morning. And then Edith coming up to me asking me for R2. She said my eyes were scary like Marlena’s and she said it like she meant it. And so sometimes I made my eyes big at her and laughed. Her uniforms were always too short. She wore a thick black head band and too much eye make up and the boys liked her but someone said it was just because she was easy. But she wore a tiny silver cross and she had a tall boyfriend who came to the gate to see at her lunch time and I didn’t think she was like that, even if she did always hang out with the wrong kind of boys. 

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