This year I:

I saw Snow
On the Himilayas
My third eldest sister married
We had a wedding
I finally had a party for my birthday
I let go
I hurt
I learnt to jump again
I wrote
I wrote alot
I wrote even more
I wrote a novel
I wrote a short story
I removed three wisdom teeth

I felt a little less clever
I shaved my head
I lived in a houseboat
I made Umrah
I let go
I saw the Taj Mahal
I started my masters in Creative Writing
I watched the rain while we wrote
I spent a day at the beach
I became the last daughter I slept alone
I stopped watching horror 
I wanted a bird
I got a hamster
The hamster diedAfter I gave it back to the giftor
I threw up a whole night and morning
I learnt to challenge myself a little
I met a stranger
I made a friend
I cried
I learnt people are not always what you think they areI learnt people lie
I also learnt that this hasn’t stopped me believing in people
I made a vow not to judge others
I became irritated
I changed
Because of someone
I made dua
I grew taller
No, seriously
I grew fatter
I met someone new
I saw someone old
I left behind people who are not good for my life
I sang In the dark
I forgot my intention
I got really angry
Red cheek angry
I got happy
Jumping joyful happy
I didn’t make many things this year – no cards or jewellery
I spoke the truth
I drowned
I resurfaced
I struggled
I sound melodramatic
But it felt like that
I bought books
I remembered
I talked alot
I smelled nothing I wrote moreI sank
I rose
I adjusted
I wrote
I started a new blog
I stopped smiling at strangers (why?)
I felt my age
I tried to act like an adult
It was hard

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  1. You shaved your head?

    That houseboat sounds cool.

    Shit year allround for me. But I live and learn, and next year will be better. Or so I dare to hope.

  2. But BO – you should be able to watch horrors! You have someone to snuggle upto when you feel scared! I stopped because I can't creep into my sister's bed now that she's gone.
    Thankyou. I do, I get mad angry and frustrated but I belive in the good of people. I hope people feel that way about me too:)

  3. hey heyy:) I was doin a similar list on Word a few days ago. 'i did kung fu' 'i quit – again' haha:p
    And I just had to say I also stopped watching horror movies, but for a couple years now. I don't have the stamina for it and they actually keep me AWAKE for like over a week sometimes, it's bad. It must be age -sigh-

    Great list, I like the part where you said that people's lies haven't stopped you from believing in them, I could use some of that positivity:)

  4. I sound like a big show off. I didn't mean to… infact I still feel like I could have done alot more.
    Oh and in general OH, if you look hard enough you find all sort of exciting things (publishing your book for instance!)

    Seher: Thanks…you make me feel good about my year, only when I wrote that did I realise I have much to be greatful for. Thankyou , I hope you too!

    Saal: Yeah, it has. To the next one. Can you believe it's already a year!?

  5. good use of color and font size dew. wonderful learnings and my god am i wholly impressed!!
    you did too much! and i am envious too 🙂

    wish you achieve double of this year especially when it comes to learning the good stuff!!!

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