When Photos Speak

DreamLife had a beautiful picture up on his/her blog. And it reminded me of an old biology notebook where I scratched this line in black ink:

Visit Russia.

It’s amazing what one picture can do. Remind you of a lost love, motivate you to pursue a dream, become angry. Truly the visual can awaken the mind’s senses.

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  1. Wow, that is indeed such a beautiful picture.

    The cold sure does open the secret door to a mystically romantic world. It’s dimension is definately a beautiful one 🙂

  2. Thats an amazing picture. Thw white snow is so magnificent, clean and fluffy. I to want to go to russia, visit the Kremlin and go to St petersberg. Would rock. Ok dew ill get my jet fueled ill pic you up in abit get ready 🙂

  3. he…Dreamlife is a “he” 🙂

    Speaking of cold, there’s this Hotel that they build out of ice, every year in Europe. I forgot which country its in, but there’s a show on Discovery Channel / Travel channel (one of those, or somewhere near those channels) which gets repeated from time to time. check it out of u get the chance.

  4. Dew, wassup…..choon choon, owsit anol hekse…..the pic is rather lovely, as everyone else has expressed………as usual, i have tons to say……but i’ll keep it short this time……the snow is what really makes this pic so extraordianry……yet snow isnt as ‘nice’ as we would like to think….a few seasons in a snow bound country, and u would also be highly ‘sick’ of it……lol, trust me, i know!!!!!! doesnt hurt to dream tho, does it!

    PS, i too like winter, tho it may not sound that way!

    The Chosen One!

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