Welcome Again

And so I blog publicly again after keeping this place in the shadows for a long time. I shared bits and pieces and kept changing the url so that my words would be lost again – the way words usually lose themselves as they make their way up the throat and into the eyes.

I’ve edited some pieces, hidden much away and tucked others into locked places. You cannot share yourself too much, I’ve learnt. I am far more closed now then I’ve ever been in my life.

A reflection blog of sorts. Over the years (I’ve begun this blog in 2006 – when I was a lot more chirpier, brighter, optimistic, when I thought I was clever and wise and beautiful and going to be young forever – even the blog was white then.) I’ve become quieter, a bit sad, a bit reflective, maybe a bit more mature. A bit of this and that has been chipped off me and into me. The world expands and contracts. In 5 years a lot of things can happen. Your world can change. Your perceptions, Everything can fall under you.

You live, you learn but most importantly, you grow.


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  1. I have read
    Your words

    Black is a good colour
    For this Blog

    I hope you are not as sad
    As your Blog is

    There is always Hope
    Around the corner

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