War Time Conversations

Dad and I sitting on bed listening to radio. Mum’s in the bathroom brushing her teeth with the door open.

BBC Reporter:    …and domestic abuse is on the increase in London

Dad:                              You know, I have never raised my hand on your mother. Never in our        
                                      thirty five years of marriage. I always say, how can you strike a woman who
                                      gave up her whole family, her whole life to be with you… But you know, I      
                                      think she did hit me a few times.

Me:                                What? Mum is that true?

Mum:                           *Brushes teeth hard* “Glppphinn”

BBC Reporter:            And finally, George Bush has been vocal about his feelings on Canada retaining
                                    its forces in Iraq.

Mum:                           *Spits. Pokes her head out, with toothbrush in her hand* That George Bush,
                                      f****s up everywhere he can.

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  1. she should have thought about that. i told you a believe wholeheartedly in equality.

    OK jokes.

    but i’ve seen it, and it’s not right. women throwing things or trying to hurt men. i’d probably blanket her. what’s the blanket? or i cant tell you. you have to experience it.

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