My phone is full of thoughts. Half finished. Ideas for stories. Emotions that push through suddenly. Contemplations. Bit and pieces of poetry. Something overheard. Something imagined.

I’ve been making a concerted effort to try and capture these half thoughts and sift through these bits and pieces. I read once that Roald Dahl once stopped his car whilst driving when he had the idea of Charlie and the chocolate factory and unable to find a pen wrote the idea down in lipstick on his windscreen. Now, I don’t know if the story is entirely true – it does sound quote romantic (however he was a dramatic character, so it’s plausible) but the point is, the lesson of the story I suppose is that’s how desperately we should treat our ideas – the half thoughts, the bits and bobs we think we will remember, but we dont. It’s never exactly in the same way.

We should stop our cars on the sides of the road and write it down in lipstick.

I have a lot of notes on my phone. They help. They remind me what is important to me and what I stand for and what I dislike and how sometimes, some days, when I write, I am magic. Pure magic.

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