The World is Changing

Yesterday I had a dream and in my dream everything was so real. And it was like it was how it was. And that’s not to say how it was was good. But it was something I knew. And it felt familiar. Because everything has changed so much and everything is changing so much. And in my dream everything was that comforting same, even if that same was not so good, it was something I knew, something I could predict, understand, read and now everything is changing.

Now we are real adults and we make real choices and we have real people in our lives with real problems and real consequences and nothing is quite as exciting as it once was because now we are living the part of the life we dreamt and it is not quite the same as we imagined. The skin of it scarred somehow.

In the past things went on forever; books, mornings, love, dreams and now they end, and the night is here too soon and dreams are short-lived and love is short and cutting and it is not a thing that goes on forever anymore.

And so in my dream everything was the same and I was still waiting and nothing was changed and everyone was young and dreams, they were a thing waiting on the horizon.

And everything was going to be said and everything was going to be done.

And now these things, they are not said and they are not done and the horizon is here and we are old now and out parents are older and the world is changing. And this is how life is for everyone.

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