The Unstable Earth

Today he fell down and I picked him up by myself and he was heavier than I expected and for a moment we stood; him on his knees, hands clutched around my waist as I tried to heave him up to the point when he could stand on his feet and he could not, and I could not gather the strength in my arms for the final push and my only relief was that he was too tired to feel embarrassed. He clutched at my waist and I, finally managed to pull him up after the pause and then he was up but he could not move and my arms were so weak that I had to lie down and for one hour afterward he sat at the edge of his bed and looked down and sometimes, he rubbed the back of his head. When we gave him water, he read and blew into it and he kept trying to put the glass down on a table that he could not reach until I took it from him.

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