The Uncertainty of Untethered Camels

Tie the camel’s leg.

If you love something let it go they say. Everything happens for a reason They say. It’s destiny they say. They say so much. But you don’t really know do you?

You don’t know if you’re going to wake up ten years from today and realise that you’ve made a BIG mistake.

Do people do that?

I don’t think they do. But how do you know?

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  1. Who is “they” dewy? 😛 “They” do seem to tell you alot.

    Actually i think people do know- when they say or like to believe that something is the reason of destiny- they usually say it because they have experienced it or life has taught them that.

    I dont believe in regrets. I know there are some things that happen to us in life and when we think back to those times we’re left thinking, “what the hell was i on,” but in general i think most of these are lessons in life. If you take something from the experience then i guess in a way its taught you alot about yourself. If you wake up in 10 years time and wonder whether something was a regret then quite simply you cant have been living a very fruitful life in those 10 years! Surely that wouldnt be the case inshaAllah and you know what? Even if you did look back and wonder what it may have been like- theres no point cos the reality is, thats time thats elapsed and long gone and the bottom line is-it IS a game of Qadr!

    Whatever is meant to be is what will happen. We have free will and we can make the choices for ourselves. If something seems beneficial to us then we take it up. Like your random decision to take up english and media. I doubt that was even thought through extensively, yet you must have felt something in you telling you that its right for you and that its what you really want to do. If we cant see the benefit or harm in something then we turn to Allah (although we turn to Him anyway inshaAllah), thats what things like Isitkhara are for. We hope that He guides us to it, makes our path easy or just removes us from the situation. I believe though that there comes a time when we have to think practically and in some cases (alot in my own) just go with our gut instinct. All this, “maybe, what ifs,” its all such a waste of time! Like you said- you might not even wake up tomorrow-so why worry about something like regrets 10 years down the line. Live those 10 years 🙂 do amazing things, go see amazing places, make some amazing friends- i dunno, just live. Any lessons or hardships in those 10 years are written for you and they are MEANT to happen cos Allah wills them to happen. The path you choose in and out of these situations is to an extent up to you.

    Its funny, cos i actually know someone who regrets what he did in the past, yet he’s tried fixing the situation and by doing so has given so much happiness to his loved ones that ultimately i believe THAT is whats going to give him happiness. I can see it already- so sometimes what we want isnt necessarily good or right for us and that which we may not like is precisely what is best for us.

    I like the going with the flow idea dewy 🙂 Lifes a journey and we will experience so many different things- some good some bad but at the end of the day, dont live with regrets. Learn the lessons, learn from the mistakes, take those on board so that you dont fall into the same trap again, make yourself a stronger person and trust your own decisions.

    Above everything else- trust your thought that everything happens for a reason because… its the truth 🙂 xxxxx

  2. “You don’t know if you’re going to wake up ten years from today and realise that you’ve made a BIG mistake. Do people do that? i wan’t to meet and chat with someone whose done that.”

    Well Hello. Speak to Me.
    Problem is. By then. Its Not Too Late. Its just Late. :/
    But then life goes on and you reminisce and you have to keep bearing the yoke and moving forward. What to do. You know what our problem is? Us women that is,.. its that we can be such ‘girls’ sometimes! Sigh. Its an aweful legacy in some respects. Indecision. And made-up-confuZzLement. And in all that time we end up hurting the ones who love us most (ok this is arguable i suppose)/.. But most enduringly, we end up hurting ourselves. Battle scars remain etched on the mind, on the soul even. I smell a poem brewing 😛

  3. And yet, in keepin with being the ultimate contradiction.. even though I hold onto the nostaligias.. I choose not to regret. Its counter-productive anyway 😛

    The scars make us who we are. But you can do without some of them. Choices choices 😉

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