The Things You Learn

There are things you learn as you get older, that you do not learn from books about how to be a human being. For instance you learn not to say certain things, you learn to avoid certain people, you learn that it is better to be quiet, that it is better to offer to help and to mean it and to pay the bill for everyone. It is better to laugh it off than cry and it is better to dust yourself off and wake up. It is better to wash dishes at people’s functions and it is better to make tea even if someone says no. Especially if someone says no. It is better to cook someone a meal and it is better to pick up someone from the airport. It is better to phone someone than text and it is better to give more than less. It is important to tip. It is important to help people in the kitchen at their functions and to have plastics and tupperwares to give people extra food. It is important to have empathy for everyone including your enemies.

These are the things you learn that you do not learn in books. 

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