The End of Anything is Sad More So When it is Life

The orchid fell now. Right in front on the desk.

The ending of anything is sad, I find and more so when it’s life. Today we passed a dead cat. A policeman, smoking a cigarette was looking down at it. I wanted to take a photo, fumbling for my phone, I missed the moment as he walked off. As we passed the cat, it twitched, and I knew then that it was dying, not dead and we were passing it in the moment of death and I walked faster, looked away, unable to watch that moment when life ended. I once saw a poisoned rat in the garden, stumble, in death and grindingly come to a halt in full view of our patio.

I cried, I don’t why, for it was only a rat and we had poisoned it ourselves and I thought I was harder than that, harder than most things and people. 

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