My Mamma

Mamma says you shouldn’t buy mince from Star because it’s unnaturally pink and it tastes too meaty. She says you shouldn’t buy mince from Jolly Meats because it’s too fatty. She says you shouldn’t buy meat from Desais because they take too long to cut it and it works out more expensive. Mamma says if you are going to buy mince you should buy it from Continentals or Willowton.

Mamma also says other things.

She tells me never to leave a sharp knife in water or it will go blunt.

She tells me to never to put glasses in the dishwasher or the glass will wear.

She tells me to reuse teabags.

She tells me to work clean.

She tells me wash chicken three times in salt and vinegar after I clean it.

She tells me about the place in the thigh of the chicken where you must poke your knife and pull out a vein.

She shows me the spot where you cleave the leg from the thigh.

She tells me that it is better to have boys than girls as friends.

She tells me that I shouldn’t waste my time with boys who don’t care for me.

Mamma tells me to make sure I never scrape a pot when there are visitors in the dining room.

She tells me to wipe the edges of serving dishes before I serve.

She tells me what is on special and where.

She tell me to look after my toes, that if I stub them they will never grow back right.

My mamma, she knows many things.

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