It’s a parasite you’ve created
that’s eating its way
through all the memories

Most images and stills,
of a vampire in love, an ink tatoo on a hand (doodled during words on water), a red hat that covered my secret, a heart-shaped shell (when you trekked through the woods), turbulent waves (the life guard said, get out), a point system (360 0000 points), a chocolate cake and a room at the top of a tower.

And that was only from the beginning

Things you will never recall. Because unlike me, you’ve had too many of these kind of memories. Because it was a nothing in the end. Because there were too many other things to remember. Because the other caught you up.
Chunks of memories eaten away
leaving only bits of a blue sky with sea
Strangely edited jumping shots
Cut. Cut. Cut.
Whirring. Black and white
Long ago
When I reach for, desperately something worth finding
my fingers come away with slime
and torn pieces
what a pity
You let the parasite grow. Fed it with your silence
Your lack of maintanence
Now the disease is fat and gross.
There’s only blue in the sky,
strangely edited shots
Cut. Cut. Cut.
Long ago.
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