For the Drowned Poets

The darkness swallowed you,
that’s what They say.
The waves overcame you,
you flailed and you kicked,
you gulped and spat,
and watched blue skies become wet,
while you sank,
Unlike before,
when the waves lapped
around your skinny ankles
and you laughed.
Unlike before,
when the waves grew
and you swam.

You swam
kicked hard,

panted on the shore,
afraid but
Then I ask this question,
when the big storm came and carried you away
and you thrashed and gulped
and cried and swore
why did you let the darkness swallow you?

Posted in Poetry.


  1. I feel like a drowned poet this post has inspired me to dust off my poets notebook

    LOL blame dew for the onslaught of lame poetry you’ll will get from me in future 😉

  2. aww maz, poetry is words, words that invoke emotion, words from the heart words from the mind. Those kind of words can never be lame.

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