Dream Diary (1)

A bank on a river (but we called it a sea). He worked in a huge fountain-building in the middle of the river (but we called it a sea). On the river/sea bank he looked at me and and asked me to marry him.

A big glass house with glass walls (very fancy, but not practical I later realised). He said I could paint them and buy what I wanted. I told myself not to be happy, that things always went wrong and you must be prepared in life for dissapointment. You must be prepared for Anything Life Might Throw At You.

The huge glass house was under a bridge. On the bank.

Then the dream changed and my family were moving. Into a huge beautiful house. But not safe. The dark gated entrance said so. Granite tops. A huge dressing room for me. A pool house. A recipe holder. Bedrooms. Dark and tiny upstairs.  But why were we moving?

I hate these dreams sometimes.

(image: http://bit.ly/UsnT0I)
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