A Story without a Boy

Aunty A from Pochefstroom came down to a house to inspect whether a certain girl was worthy of her son. The parents of said girl welcomed these unknown parents of said boy into their home eventhough the parents of said boy were well, without a boy.

So these parents without a boy were allowed into the home (without a boy) and allowed to sit in the livingroom (without a boy). They were seved tea and discussed the girl’s flawless academic report and her bright future. The boy was not discussed. The two females overhearing on the top stair were casually called downstairs where one of them was inspected from head to toe by Aunty A for any defects that may negatively affect her future grandchildren. After being satisified that that the females were worthy of birthing her grandchildren, the two went back upstairs. The deal was that only female A was being inspected, Female B had nothing to do with this.

Imagine the shock of Female B when she overheard Aunty A from Pochefstroom (without a boy) declaring that she would soon bring her son to the house so that he could choose which female he deemed fit for himself. Female B was held back by female A as she viciously tried to escape and run down the stairs to attack Aunty A from Pochefstroom (without a boy) with the milo glass in her hand. Who did Aunty A from Pochefstroom (without a boy) think she was? That her high, and mighty son may choose which female he wanted when female B wasn’t even available. Mother of Female B insisted slightly that Female B was not an option (Female B silently agreed and wished her mother would add that it was an insult to ask such a thing).

Aunty A pressed that Female B may change her mind and mother of female B was quiet. Meanwhile up on the stairs, Female A was sitting upon Female B to prevent her from running downstairs with the milo glass.

Aunty A from Pochefstroom (without a boy) left with promises to return (with a boy).

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  1. Cnt w8 to read the sequel.this was hilarious-but then sadly it cud b true.dnt u find it so ridiculous that wen we object to a guy bein brght home cos we kno we wnt b intrstd,or politely decline wen an aunty approaches us,then we r told ‘if u say no it wil go round that u r fussy n nobody wil cum home’ woteva!

  2. bibi-ayesha: I can’t wait to read the sequel myself! And hey it wasn’t for Female B, it was for Female A,what did she think they are, Sheep that she could choose for the best mutton?

    Mas: Now who said it was my house?

    the guy… : Female B wouldn’t have felt so strongly if the woman wasn’t pushing herself and her son as if they were royal beluga caviar or something.

  3. Can’t believe this actually happens in real life, that people will rock up at people’s house unanounced an just expect that their daughters are ripe for the picking. And you don’t even know the people or the boy!

    I have a hilarious story that I’ll post tomorrow on my blog. Stay tuned.

  4. lol

    this was hilarious.. more beecos this kinda stuff actually happens more often than not! would make some entertainin reads to put together a lil compilation of stories of such like!


  5. the same thing happened to my best friend, these strange people phoned,and asked if they could come and see her elder sister, but when they came by for tea, they wanted to see her as well, but she refused to come out of her room and her parents had to make up an excuse.. its been a while so did you eventually get to see the guy?

  6. hey.. dont u wonder what kinda guys allow their mothers to dO things like that?? Or is it “mummy can do no wrong”?? to imagine what mother in law said aunty A from Potch would make… *shudder*

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