A Responsible Teaspoon

I met a responsible teaspoon yesterday.

 It was smooth and slightly heavy and its shiny mouth was deep enough to hold a sizeable sip of tea. It was not extremely shallow or thin like some that pass for teaspoons. It’s shapely heavy head flowed into a long, sleek contoured edge. It was a beautiful teaspoon, it was. When one picked it up and felt it one realised it was worthy of sipping tea from.

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  1. OH, you like sipping tea from knives?

    I have no attraction to cutlery, unless this is a metaphor I’m not getting. Blogger should start allowing emoticons, i would put the confused face here, or maybe the big eye, small eye one. o_O

  2. Cute post! lol
    I eat my cereal with a teaspoon and i have a favourite teaspoon 😀 Its the perfect weight, the perfect shape and the perfect length. Im bringing it to South Africa with me….*holds spoon to chest*

  3. y sip tea from a spoon, when u can slurp from a saucer>>>>>>>>>>>>mmmmmmmmmm

    I agree tho, its odd how we can become attached to cutlery……use a certain teaspoon, butter knife…..etc etc…….

    Can one have a cutlery fetish?????? i wonder.


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