I dyed my hair blonde
I broke a promise to myself
I grew my hair long
I cut it (December)
I started a blog
I fell in love with croissants
I found the most fantabulous hair remover in the world
I gave a stranger my earrings in a bathroom
I broke more promises
I went to Mugg&Bean four times in two days
I wrote the poem
I forgot what I needed to forget after 4 years
I wrote a proper article
which I’m waiting to get paid for…
I started taebo
I stopped swimming
I got 95 for my Cinema Studies essay
I made mistakes
I went to Mauritius (March)
I got fleas
I went to Drakensberg (September)
I went for a school friend’s funeral (December)
I wrote a play
I said goodbye to an old friend
I told someone dear something that hurt them but that had to be told
I made new close friends
I changed my duvets to white and pink
I tried sushi
I was flung off a tube in the ocean
I started using wire to bead
I did mendhi at a Moroccan resturant (February)
I made a necklace
I started reading my qadaas
I parasailed
I water skied and went snorkling
and then I got lost in the ocean and half died swimming back to the boat
I fell in love with Wentworth Miller & Daniel Craig
I painted a sunset with my fingers
I started reading blogs
I did editing and comm3 and I wrote better, but my spelling, sadly did not improve
I dreamt I married, and I woke up afraid
I bought the most beautiful trench coat ever
I realised white chocloate is overated
I got the sweetest lift club driver
I wrote an essay on Smallville for University
I burped thrice this year
I felt confused
We did an ad campaign for Vinolia
I gave a lizard
I hid under the coffee table and scared my sis
I got a koala bear from New Zealand
I siezed the moment
I gave a body butter
I felt bitter
I met someone new
I met someone old
I bought the best, cutest , comfiest, black pumps from woolworths
I fell in love with Woolworths potato sticks
I completed my degree
I forgot most of the stuff I did…
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  1. potato sticks – i must try those
    thanks for the lizard- its lying in my office- i miss it- but- i’l have to visit it this wek- ruth is coming back from italy- so i gotta finish up.
    seems like it was a year that you explored alot and took a plunge- mauritius and drakensburg.
    i also see one thing thats gonna be in your 2007 review blog ” which Im waiting to get paid for… ” 🙂
    MJ from that distant land of MJAD

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